Second Language as A Self-Defence:

Mr.A asked me to become his girlfriend. I did not see this coming so soon...not on the 6th date. And damn, now I had to tell him that I didn't think we were ready to enter into a relationship. Felt kinda sorry because I did perfer him over the other date but I am really not ready for a relationship at least before I come back from China (that's only one month yo). Playing the field just suits my current states better. And I DO NOT have a commitment problem.

See, the main issue is that I have grown fond of Mr.D. To be fair, Mr.D. does not appear to be interested in me because he never tries to initiate a conversation with me...but he pays for me when we eat together. Twice in a row! And he refuses to tell me why he treats me too. What is this, you? You know we are slipping into the far end of being friends and there will be no remedy once the tag is formulated.

Days ago ex called. Sent him a busy tone. He called again, sent another busy tone. Felt really good about myself--at last I don't try to please people around any more.
Then he texted messaged me with regular greeting lines. He also said I should not be mad at him because it was not his fault. I did not want to be all awkward with him, and most importantly, I was not mad at him AT ALL. I was simply annoyed, but I didn't think he would know the difference. So I replied that I was ok and I was in the library so I couldn't pick up his phone call. The next morning he replied that he did not think it was possible for me to stay in the library on a Friday night, and that it was more reasonable if I had said it was a bar or clubbing event, and that I should make it perfect if I needed to tell a white lie, and that he was serious about it.
"I have exams to deal with for the love of god. Stop annoying me with your trust crisis."
And he said he lost faith in me if I really meant what I said. Can I be caring less about your faith? Hell yeah I mean what I say. Fuck off.



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